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Custom Boxes can be made to meet each individual client’s special needs. Call on 416-297-5881 for best custom paper boxes. ADD offers custom gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, and lots more. More »

Leading manufacturer of Custom Boxes,

As a leading manufacturer of custom boxes, ADD Printing & Packaging specializes in any quantity Gift boxes, Cosmetic boxes, Paper boxes, Food boxes, Plastic boxes, Display boxes, Beverage boxes, Kraft boxes and lots more customized boxes at a reasonable price. More »

ONE-STOP Printing Packaging Solution

Other than supplying custom boxes, ADD Printing & Packaging is a one stop solution for custom printed boxes, bags and labels. We also provide services from design to printing and production. Our quality products and services include More »

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Please feel free to explore our wide range of custom boxes and contact our professional sales representatives to request for a FREE QUOTE. We do offer full color custom printing boxes with various materials, styles, and functions. More »


Choose Your Custom Boxes Styles

Choose Your Custom Boxes Styles

ADD Printing Packaging offers custom printed boxes in various styles, materials, and sizes. If you want to find out how much box material you need to make a custom box, check out the box material calculator.

Please check the details for the styles you need, or feel free to contact us directly.  Graphic design service is available. We guarantee our qualities and designs. We also make Custom Shopping Bags, Promotional Shopping Bags, Reusable Bags, Paper bags, or Non-woven bags


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Product Boxes PB-604

How to choose the right boxes for your business?

When choosing the best boxes for your business there are many factors to consider.

First of all you want to consider the main purpose of the boxes. Are these boxes mainly for advertising and aesthetic purposes or are they meant to protect the contents? If the boxes you are looking for are mainly for aesthetic purposes you are going to want a box that comes with full colour printing such as a product box, cosmetic box, or beverage box. Product boxes can be almost any size and are available in matte or glossy finishes. These boxes are designed to complement the products they enclose and provide great promotional advantages to your products. Product boxes look great on retail shelves and customers often perceive products that come in a box as better quality than those that stand alone. Although the primary purpose of this box is to make a product look better and promote your company it still functions to protect the contents and prevent damage, theft, and items becoming disorganized.

ADD custom boxes

ADD custom boxes

Custom Paper Boxes, best price and quality

Get Great Quality Custom Boxes at the Best Price from ADD Printing&Packaging!

Custom Boxes

Custom Gift Boxes GB-102

Gift Boxes GB-102

As a leading manufacturer of quality custom boxes  in North America, ADD Printing & Packaging has many years of experience in supplying customized boxes and other packaging solutions at the most affordable price. We place customer satisfaction at our top most priority and cooperate closely with our clients to create the most attractive packages which can help to get their products noticed.

Please feel free to explore our wide range of custom boxes and request for a Free Quote. We can offer full color custom printing boxes with various materials, styles, and functions.

Custom Gift Boxes  GB-105

Gift Boxes – One-Stop Packaging Solution For Your Gifts

Custom Gift Boxes

Are you looking for personalized gift boxes? Here you will find the best gift packaging at a great price.

ADD Printing & Packaging manufactures a wide range of gift boxes that can be customized in various designs and sizes, including gable, frame view, roll end tray, sleeve, pillow, and hexagon with ribbon styles.

All the gift boxes are made from partial recycled content and can be recycled after use. We emboss the recycled emblem on every box we make to inform the public that our retailers care about the environment.

Please see the following gift boxes for different styles that you can choose from:

  • Hexagon style gift box – can be used for a variety of items, this type is the best as it presents a unique shape


Custom Product Boxes PB-601

Product Boxes – Your Best Packaging Solution

Custom Product Boxes PB-608

Custom Product Boxes

Product boxes are usually single use boxes and designed to uniquely represent each product separately. ADD Printing & Packaging supplies a wide range of such custom product boxes, product packaging boxes at the most affordable price. Product boxes can be customized to any sizes and have a variety of features including die cut windows (with or without plastic covering), glossy or matte finish, tuck end or auto locking style, and full colour printing on all sides.


Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Custom Cosmetic Boxes, Best Printing & Packaging Company

Custom Cosmetic Box - Body Wash Box

Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic Boxes can be customized to meet your special needs and requirements. These eye-catching custom cosmetic boxes are available in various designs, styles and sizes. ADD Printing Packaging offers stylish and durable cosmetic boxes with full colour printing on all sides. The collection of our custom cosmetic boxes include, but not limit to Nail Polish Boxes, Eye Cream Boxes, Night Cream Box, Soap Boxes, Body Wash Boxes, and lots more! Please contact our professional sales representative for a FREE ESTIMATE!